Congratulations! You are about to set out on your own. The whole world is waiting for you! But as you know, it won’t always be easy. Whether it’s your first trip to the mall without parents or going off to college, there will be challenges. As you leave behind that parental safety net that has kept you safe, you must take responsibility for yourself. Now, it’s your turn.


So, how will you keep yourself safe?

Taking Flight For Girls Going Places, is a preventive tool to help keep independence-bound girls safe, empowered, responsible, and free. It helps prepare you for the many hazards you may face. Unfortunately, in a world where one out of three females are abused at some point in their lifetime, this book is necessary. 

By working through this manual, you will gain a new awareness of the many safety hazards that await you AND you will know how to assess dangers, minimize risks, and have the capabilities to handle them. Through hundreds of simple safety tips and defense strategies, you will learn about prevention, consent, and taking responsibility for your safety. You will feel empowered knowing you can be responsible for yourself in every way! 

Author Kathy Greene Lahey, LMSW, AC

Takin Flight For Girls Going Places

Kathy Greene Lahey has dedicated her life to social justice work and community organizing. Spearheading local movements and events which confront issues of inequality and violence against females, she believes real change is possible, one female at a time.


A survivor of several gender-based abuses herself, Kathy understands the effects of abuse and victimhood, and strongly believes in targeting the prevention end of trauma.  Devoted to the effectiveness of education, Kathy believes teaching girls early on to take full responsibility for their safety and choices will translate into a world full of actively empowered women who are committed, engaged, and responsible for their half of the sky personally, socially, and politically.