About Thyme

Girls Going Places is committed to changing the world, one girl at a time.


We are committed to diminish the current statistics where 1 of 3 girls is victimized at some point in her lifetime.


We believe in the power of education. When females are taught basic principles of safety and empowerment, they are more likely to reach their full potential and their goals. Without such education, full potential is improbable, if not impossible.


We imagine a world where respect, safety, and equality is a given, where girls can walk down the street without fear of harassment or threat. Where young women can earn a degree or work to the top of her field of choice without obstacles or dangers thwarting her success.


We imagine a world where we won’t need a book like Taking Flight For Girls Going Places. Where violence against females is unthinkable. 

Girls Going Places is a community where girls and young women can commit to their own empowerment, where they embrace personal responsibility to make this world a safer place for all. Through the manual Taking Flight For Girls Going Places, and other opportunities, girls and young women can actively participate in creating a world where females experience, empowerment, equality and safety in their everyday lives.